You Keep Me Up At Night

I originally wrote this article for Volume 124, Issue 3 of mathNEWS.

A fortnight ago, I was transported to the far-off land of Oshawa to engage in a mimicry of our government’s system of discussing of questions of public interest. We spoke of drivers’ education, and of automatic transmissions.

Ever since we got back, there’s only been one thing that’s kept me up at night:

The way your glasses fall squarely on your nose,

The way the gel holds your combed-over hair in place,

The way your knuckles look when you hold a pen in just that way,

The square shoulders of your suit,

The crisp folds in your tie,

The way you smiled.

“The Member of the Opposition is putting up a smokescreen, instead of focusing on the issues at hand,” you would say, but all I can focus on is you.

Dear Prime Minister, hailing from from the University of Toronto, congratulations on Second Place. You’ll always be first in my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!