Come to SE Hack Day, Maybe?

I originally wrote this article for Volume 123, Issue 2 of mathNEWS.

from datetime import datetime
import random
import students from uwaterloo

softies = (
    students.find(program='Software Engineering')

if ('hack' in me.likes and
    'learn' in me.likes and
    'build' in dir(me) and
    'teach' in dir(me) and
    'share' in dir(me) and
    'create' in dir(me) and,10,26,17,00),
                  end=datetime(2013,10,27,00,00)) and
    sum(1 if friend in softies else 0
        for friend in me.friends) > 0):

    if random.random() > 0.5: # maybe

        me.addToCalendar('SE Hack Day #10')

# Questions? Find a friend in Software Engineering
# and ask them about it! Or visit