Re: Grad Photo Proofs

I received a response from Newschool Photography regarding my previous blog post. I’ve posted it below, with their permission.

Subject: Regarding your blog post, re: grad photo proofs

Hello Michael,

A Software Engineering graduate from a couple of years ago forwarded a link to one of your blog entries on to us, and asked us our opinions on the matter - how we feel regarding the public sharing of students’ grad photo proofs, etc.

First of all, as a team of dedicated professionals with genuine care and love for what we do, we would like to thank you for recognising our professional efforts, and respecting them and taking them seriously. It’s a compliment to us when the services we love to provide for UW students are equally respected in return.

We have never taken issue with people sharing their digital grad photo proofs via Facebook, email, etc.; they are low-resolution, watermarked images, and students have full rights to show them off - we have full faith that no students are using their proof images (which are intended for preview purposes) to make a profit, so we are not concerned at all.

As of this year, we also have an online survey that we encourage past and present students to fill out - all feedback we receive helps us to gain insight into what students are thinking, and, as such, helps us to improve the service we love to provide.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness! Please feel free to be in touch.

Aaron, Newschool Photography