r23 Release Notes

Hey, a week late is better than never, right?

What’s New?

  • Over 150 new Facebook Friends
  • Engineering Ambassador role added.
  • Wisdom Teeth removed.
  • Co-op term for Google added.
  • Attended YouTube Presents / MBC KPop concert.
  • Attended Anime Expo 2012.
  • Co-op term for Khan Academy added.
  • Simple Visa Card support added.
  • Wells Fargo support deprecated.
  • Took introductory hang-gliding lesson.
  • Samsung Chromebook added.
  • Pebble Smartwatch added.
  • Featured in B-roll on CBC’s The National.
  • Re-discovered karaoke.

Known Issues

  • Scheduler sometimes incorrectly prioritizes helping others over getting own work done.
  • Sleep doesn’t occur consistently.
  • Waking from sleep sometimes experiences delays of an hour or more.
  • Occasionally sleep-talks.