SE Hack Day #8

I originally wrote this article for Volume 120, Issue 5 of mathNEWS.

Come join us for SE Hack Day #8!

How it works:

  1. You show up with a laptop and a project to work on.
  2. You hack on your project until late into the night.
  3. You demo what you’ve worked on.

Your project can either be something completely new for the hackathon, or it can be something you’ve already started.


  1. You must tweet about #sehackday.
  2. You MUST tweet about #sehackday.
  3. If we haven’t seen your hack, you must demo.
  4. You have a maximum of 5 minutes for demo and Q&A.
  5. Show respect for people demoing, and for the space.

Despite the name, SE Hack Day is open to anybody who wants to hack away at a project, so invite your friends!

Things to bring: Laptop, charger, ethernet cable + anything else you would need to hack or demo.

Because of the room this term we only have until 1AM in M3, so you must demo by then.

For more information, see or join our Facebook Group .