2B, 21, and Another Theme

Stuff that happened over the last six months (roughly chronological): - Finished 2A exams. - Spent hristmas and New Year’s with Katherine and my family. - Flew YYZ-SFO and started work term at Facebook. - Discovered Pandora, Spotify, and Netflix. - Visited the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. - Visited a Facebook Data Centre. - Went to Stitches West with another intern at Facebook. - Was dumped via email <3. - Filed US and Canadian Taxes. - Ate out way too much. - Flew SFO-YYZ to head back to Waterloo for Spring term. - Participated in VeloCity Venture Fund: the Beta – top 7 with Skylark with a team of five people. - Missed Google Code Jam’s Qualifying Round. - Handed in my second work report. - Became an Academic Representative, MEF Representative, and SE Board Student Representative over the course of a week. - Had my 21st birthday. - Began the job search process with CECS/UWaterloo again. - Gave up on my WordPress theme again and tweaked the WordPress default theme to yield this monstrosity.

Over the past six months, I’ve discovered that I suck working in open floor plan environments, that results-oriented is a double-edged sword, and that I really need to find work that I’m really passionate about. Way too many photos from the co-op term; about half way through I gave up trying to manage / upload them to Facebook, let alone to this blog. I don’t think flickr is the answer, but I’m not sure what is, since I don’t personally own a Mac (== no iPhoto).