Two months to Make Sense of My (Online) Life

My online life is a mess. There’s a plethora of ways of contacting me online: - Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) - Facebook - Twitter - Commenting on my blog - Skype - Google Talk (Jabber chat only) - E-mail (and I have, like, four or five different addresses (!))

Then there are all of those services which I could or even used to use, but don’t (or not very regularly): - Other social networks: - linkedin - MySpace - hi5

  • flickr
  • forums (fora?) and message boards
  • Google Voice
  • GMail Voice and Video Chat and/or Google Talk
  • Google Wave
  • (and other OpenStatus sites)
  • IRC

What a mess. If diaspora turns out to be more than a flash in the pan, then I’ll probably want to add that to the mix too. I hardly have enough time to manage any of these services as it is – with privacy being such a big deal as of late, I think the only option is to shut down some of my accounts (or turn them into stubs which point you elsewhere), use tiered privacy through multiple accounts where reasonable, and develop a routine that doesn’t eat so much of my time. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?