Thought Dump: On Maintaining a Blog

Today, signed in to realize that there were eleven unmoderated comments. Of these, nine were spam, and two were comments from the same person. Now, I’m wondering: - How am I going to find time to write regular blog posts? - Will the content I write about interest anyone other than myself? (Will I be interested in it, even?) - Why didn’t I get e-mail notifications for my blog comments? - Should I post remarks about my experiences with PDEng 15 on my blog? How relevant will they be if PDEng is to be renamed (replaced?) in the next few years? - Do I spend too much time at home thinking about work? Is this healthy? Should I do anything about it? Can I? - What role do coding contests like Google Code Jam have in my life? What role should they have? - When am I ever going to get around to separating my friends between high-traffic and low-traffic Facebook and Twitter accounts, and when will I ever update my resume and LinkedIn profiles?

So, why is this here? Because it’s too long to fit in a tweet.