Thought Dump: Happy Birthday to Me

So, today’s my birthday… and it’s (nearly) almost over. The cheesecake brownie “cake” that my family made for me was awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed eating slices of it. :D Thanks also to the people who wished me Happy Birthday. Notably, the breakdown is as follows: Facebook - over 60 people E-mail - two people Twitter - two people MSN - two people In person - maybe my immediate family… perhaps the odd co-worker (but I’m not sure about this one) It’s amazing how Facebook has taken over so much in our lives. I’ve reached the point where I don’t trust Facebook with my stuff, but I can’t afford to disconnect (i.e. delete my account) either. What a dilemma… And this is just one of the many things to worry about now that I’m 20. Not that I feel any older than I did yesterday.